An entry written in 2014. I cannot wait to update this post and show how much has changed in 10 years.

11/1/20142 min read

I recently met a new woman and we instantly became friends. The comfort level in our friendship is something I haven't experienced in a long time. We talk about our past with such ease you would think we were friends for years. We share the same morals and values and desires for our daughters. Its been so enlightening and I honestly miss her if I don't see her or talk for a while.

Getting to know her has really helped me realize the struggles woman have in getting older. Now, I am not old by any definition, however I will say that this last birthday really transitioned me mentally. I explain it as such; your early 20's are nothing more than your learning years. Young adult if you may. There is so much insight yet to learn that I truly feel (now) that had I had Christ truly in my soul I would have really made different choices. Ones I can say without hesitation, Eric and I hope and pray our own children don't make. But that all comes with parenting which is a whole other subject. When I entered 26-30 years of age I can say that is when I started formulating wiser decisions and truly grasp a deeper yearning for adulthood, life and passion. I was an adult however still learning.

Then it hit me. I entered womanhood. Many feminist would say you are a woman at 18! However I beg to differ. Your mind isn't even medically/scientifically formed to make adult decisions with concise judgment until after you are 25. So how can it be possible you have experienced woman hood before that time?

And honestly womanhood didn't hit me until this year. When I realized I was truly content in my life and my future. When I appreciated where I have come from, learned from what I had done and looked forward to the future. Where I was strong in my decisions and most importantly my values and morals and DIDN'T care what others thought. Womanhood happened for me when I was able to exhale and realize I am finally calm. I was where I was and although I have wishes and desires, I am content

So how does this relate to my new friend? I find myself drawn to different types of people now. As a mother and wife and daughter to Christ, I find myself wanting to be around those that share similar values. Not necessarily religious values. 2 of my closest friend do not however we share the same morals and values... (Although I have the biggest yearn and want for families with the same religious beliefs now more than ever)

One thing this friend of mine and I realized that our friendships are drastically changing. How many times has a friend texted to say hello? Or asked about your husband and kids? Or even inquired about your family life? Religious life? Most of the time there is dry silence after talking about work and what they did the weekend before or what drama they may be having at that time. And there comes a point where you stop trying to receive that type of relationship because it doesn't fulfill that desire. The depth isn't there. And what we realized our desire for that type of relationship as a woman is needed. So we search for those we can have that relationship with. Those who uplift us and bring us closer to a great purpose with our morals and values, Christ. Although we may not have the same religious beliefs, our shared morals and values shifts we into making right decisions that ultimately bring us closer to God.

Isn't that what friendships, marriage and life in general should be about. Uplifting each other and helping lead them into decisions that bring us closer to Christ?